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Geesin Consulting is dedicated to meeting your needs in product or technology development or assessment in the field of Tissue Repair and Regeneration.

Biochemist with extensive experience in corporate research with technical expertise in extracellular matrix biology, wound repair and regeneration, tissue engineering/regenerative medicine, and preclinical models of disease for testing therapeutic approaches. Managed project and career development activities for up to 30 technical staff with budget responsibilities up to $15 MM. Managed projects to clinical stage for device and drug projects in numerous therapeutic areas including orthopedics, dermal wound repair, women’s health & urology, neurology, dermatology and cardiovascular disease.__________________________________________________________________

Preclinical Strategy Development
Biology/Mechanism of Action Writing and Strategy for Planning for Regulatory Submissions
Due Diligence of Products or Technologies
Patent Portfolio Assessments and Strategies
Government Engagement Strategies

Areas Supported
Dermal Wound Repair
Tissue Repair
Regenerative Medicine/Tissue Engineering
Women's Health & Urology
Preclinical Studies (In Vitro & In Vivo)
Extracellular Matrix Biology (Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Elastin, etc.)
Geesin Consulting
Geesin Consulting
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